Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine presents the publication “All against corruption!”

Local news, 10.12.2018

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9, the Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO) in Ukraine launched the publication “All against corruption!” jointly elaborated with implementing partners and featuring 12 cases from Swiss-funded projects. Each case highlights project activities contributing to fighting corruption in Ukraine in various sectors and at different levels of governance.

SCO Ukraine publication «All against corruption!»
Cover page of the publication «All against corruption!» ©SCO Ukraine

The consolidated experience described in the publication shows that even without special dedicated anti-corruption programmes, development partners have means to reduce the space for corruption step by step, by promoting key good governance principles in their work with national stakeholders, and therefore contributing to the establishment of good governance practices in corresponding sectors. This process is an invaluable addition to the broad direct anti-corruption agenda. It may take longer, changes will usually be incremental, but results also prove to be sustainable.

The SCO Ukraine is very grateful to the projects which have contributed their cases to make this publication possible! The common work on promotion of good governance in Ukraine continues, so there will be new opportunities for other Swiss-funded projects to showcase their achievements in curbing corruption across various sectors.

You can download the electronic version of the publication:

“All against corruption!” (PDF, 36 Pages, 3.2 MB, English)