The new face of the Pregny hill

Press releases, 27.03.2024

Home to the UN, the Red Cross and a number of international organizations, including the complex of organizations working on global health, the Pregny hill is undergoing an urban transformation. 

 Lake Geneva from the Pregny Hill
Lake Geneva from the Pregny Hill © FDFA

The breakthrough of the Tunnel des Nations, an 800-meter-long structure conecting the airport to the UN districts, and the construction of the Portail des Nations, a visitor center at the UN complex in Geneva, are the most visible parts of this evolution.

The area, which was open country at the time of the founding of the League of Nations, is now a vibrant hub, with international organizations and diplomatic missions (180 governments represented) working here. The organizations are in principle open to the public, subject to security measures; the ICRC restaurant, for example, is accessible and very popular in the area.

The district has become a point of contact for officials from international organizations and the local population, in the wake of Geneva's growing status as a prime tourist destination.

The metamorphosis also aims to promote soft mobility and public transport, by clearing the Grand-Saconnex axis to allow the extension of the tramway to Ferney-Voltaire at the French border. According to a recent study, 31% of international civil servants based in Geneva use soft mobility (cycling/walking), compared with an average 28% among the Geneva workforce. The Confederation is heavily involved in the Route des Nations project, which has just opened.

 The Nations Portal
The United Nations Portal will renew the range of services available to visitors wishing to find out more about the work carried out in Geneva to promote a peaceful, harmonious and sustainable development of the planet. © FpG