Where to apply for a Schengen visa?

My place of residence My visa application should be submitted to
Bosnia and Herzegovina see representation agreement below

Representation agreement

If a State does not have its proper visa section in a country or region, the delivery of a Schengen visa can be delegated to another Schengen State member with an agreement between both countries concerned.

The agreement allows the appointed representation to represent and handle Schengen visa applications within its own competence without consulting the other represented State.

Country / Region Schengen State which represents Switzerland My visa application should be submitted to
Bosnia and Herzegovina  Slovenia Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Sarajevo

Entry for nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina who have an "old" passport without biometric data or foreign nationals requiring a visa who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visas for a stay of up to 3 months (short stay, Schengen visa, type C: tourism, visit, business meetings, medical treatment, study stay of less than 3 months duration) must be submitted to the Slovenian embassy in Sarajevo which represents Switzerland in visa matters in the categories mentioned above

Botschaft der Republik Slowenien
Konsularische Abteilung
Bjelave 73
71000 Sarajevo
E-Mail: vsa@gov.si  
Web: www.sarajevo.veleposlanistvo.si
Tel.: +387 33 251 790
         +387 33 251 792
Fax: +387 33 204 318 

Visa applications in connection with family reunion or marriage in Switzerland with subsequent residence (longer than 3 months - visa category D) can be submitted to the Swiss representation in Sarajevo.

Persons living in Bosnia and Herzegovina who wish to reside in Switzerland for more than 3 months (e.g. study - visa category D) or intend to pursue an employment including drivers and journalists (also for a stay of less than 3 months) must apply for a visa at the Swiss Regional Consular Center in Vienna. Visas for holders of a diplomatic, service or special passport must also be submitted directly to the Regional Consular Center Vienna for processing.