Democratic Governance

Strengthening the state in serving citizens, democratisation, fair economic and taxation policies, and respect for human rights .


Strengthening the rule of law, social justice, the division of powers and economic stability.

Economic Development

Switzerland supports 64 projects with CHF 311 million in its partner countries.

Youth Employment

Promotion of commerce and employment through private sector development, financial sector development and vocational skills development.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

Saving lives and covering the basic needs of victims, and repair damage repaired as quickly as possible.

Culture and development

Switzerland invests around CHF 160 million in a broad range of social security measures in the partner countries. The focus is on elderly and sick people and youth support.

Municipal Services

Basic Infrastructure is available that fosters sustainable economic development and improves living conditions.


Management of healthcare systems, control of epidemic diseases, and sexual and reproductive health.


Prevention of human trafficking and exploitation, and assistance for refugees and displaced persons in returning home.

Gender equality

Equal opportunities for men and women in all development processes, for a balanced society.

Human Security

CHF 103 million of the enlargement contribution flows into 62 projects for improving public safety in the partner countries.