Engagement in fragile contexts and conflict prevention

The SDC Myanmar Peace Support, Human Rights and Protection program promotes, and provides advocacy for, conditions that allow conflict-affected people in the southeast to live without fear of basic rights violations, and to have access to assistance as needed. It also supports Myanmar people living in refugee camps in Thailand. In a complementary approach, the Human Security Division of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs will engage in supporting peace building efforts and in promoting the implementation of human rights.

Supporters of the deposed president José Manuel Zelaya coming under fire from the Honduran army in 2009
Around 1.5 billion people live in countries where violence is part of everyday life. ©Laif/Redux-Stephen Ferry (Honduras, 2009)

Fragility, conflicts, violence and human rights violations: these are among the main challenges to poverty reduction. Fragility within a state is characterised by the government’s inability to provide security and basic public services. The  SDC works to alleviate the causes of conflict, strengthen basic public services and increase respect for human rights.

The SDC's worldwide engagement