Peace, Statebuilding and Protection

Domain objective: The people of Myanmar benefit from inclusive peace agreements and from more accountable, decentral­ised and democratic institutions that promote public participation. Vulnerable and conflict-affected per­sons are better protected from violence and disas­ters, experience better respect of their human rights, and gain improved access to public services, land and natural resources.

Swiss portfolio outcomes

  1. Peace and Democratisation: Parties to the peace negotiations formulate their aspirations and par­ticipate in processes that lead toward a sustain­able peace agreement, supported by efforts to strengthen reconciliation, democratisation and hu­man rights, and inform a federal arrangement that reflects the diversity of the country. Lead: Human Security Division
  2. Governance: More accountable, efficient and de­centralised institutions; a stronger participation of civil society, vulnerable communities and women in decision-making processes; and more equitable access to public services and sustainably managed land and natural resources contribute to conflict transformation, social cohesion and statebuilding. Lead: SDC South Cooperation
  3. Protection: The protection of conflict, violence and disaster-affected people, including IDPs and returnees, is enhanced. They are better integrated in their communities, live in safety and security, and have equitable access to basic services and livelihoods. Returns and relocations are carried out following international standards. Lead: SDC Humanitarian Aid


These three outcomes are mutually reinforcing: Suc­cess in supporting peace and democratisation is measured in terms of Swiss contributions to formal and informal peace negotiations, improved public confidence in democratic electoral processes and more effective policies in the area of human rights. This is complemented by Swiss interventions aimed to strengthen the capacity of civil society and de­veloping more efficient decentralised institutions. Vulnerable and marginalised communities will ben­efit from better implemented conflict-sensitive laws and policies on land and natural resources, a more responsible private sector, as well as enhanced pro­tection from violence and natural disasters.


Addressing fragilities, promoting human rights, promoting peaceful, just and inclusive societies

Disaster risk reduction, emergency relief, reconstruction and protection

Good governance

Peace policy