Three municipalities install new energy efficient street lights

Press releases, 18.12.2023

Municipalities of Korçë, Përmet and Berat install thousands of LED lights through a collaboration with the Swiss-supported ‘Smart Energy Municipalities Project’

Mayor of Berat Ervin Demo and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland Philipp Arnold inaugurate the new public lighting in Berat, 15.12.2023
Mayor of Berat Ervin Demo and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland Philipp Arnold inaugurate the new public lighting in Berat, 15.12.2023. © Municipality of Berat

To promote quality energy management systems inspired by the European Energy Award, the Smart Energy Municipalities Project (SEMP) supported the three municipalities with new energy-efficient public lighting that contributes to safe and user-friendly public spaces.

“Let me congratulate our partner municipalities of Korça, Përmet, and Berat on completing the installation of energy-efficient street lighting. Street lighting projects are the visible part of an ongoing, deeper transformation towards enhanced energy efficiency, which Switzerland is proud to support”, said the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland, Philipp Arnold.

The inauguration ceremonies were conducted together with the mayors of the three municipalities.

“Many streets in the Korça Municipality now have LED street lighting, offering not only improved quality but also energy savings. SEMP project has significantly enhanced the public lighting situation”, said Mayor of of Korça Sotiraq Filo.

Mayor of Berat Ervin Demo mentioned that “thanks to the SEMP project, energy has been saved, and the streets are illuminated with the LED system, presenting an elegant view that harmonizes with the architectural panorama of the city".

With approximately 1.6 million EUR for four municipalities (including Shkodër), this investment introduces energy efficient LED technology for a length of up to 13.5 kilometres and 1,711 LED lights. This leads to significant reductions in annual energy consumption of around 660 MWh per year and cost savings of almost 70%, compared to the use of conventional technologies.

Mayor of Përmet Alma Hoxha emphasised that “improving energy management, reducing consumption, and promoting the use of innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies remain top priorities in their daily work”.

Under the SEMP project schools are becoming promoters of energy efficiency awareness. The Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland Philip Arnold also visited the ‘Nonda Bulka’ school in Përmet where he attended a meeting with trained teachers on the importance of Sustainable Development Goals and how they could improve energy efficiency at school, home, and community. The course was developed as part of the SEMP, with the aim to raise awareness about energy efficiency and it is open to all teachers in Albania as part of a national training programme.

The SEMP project by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the Agency for Energy Efficiency, in four pilot municipalities.