Trainee Exchange

For several years already, Switzerland and Australia have a trainee exchange to enable young professionals under 30 years of age to improve their occupational and linguistic skills for a maximum duration of 18 months in Switzerland and Australia respectively. Applicants need to find an employer prior to commencing their application.

Applicants wishing to go to Switzerland

See flyer

In order to qualify for the trainee exchange, applicants must have concluded vocational training of at least 2 years or be in possession of a degree related to their prospective employment in Switzerland.

More information can be found on the website of the State Secretariat for Migration.

Applications can be handed in to the Embassy of Switzerland in Canberra.

Applicants wishing to go to Australia and Australian employers wishing to employ a trainee from Switzerland

See flyer.  

The State Secretariat for Migration has published an informative brochure outlining the procedure for Swiss applicants (available in German and French).

The Australian Embassy in Berlin has published information for Swiss nationals and for Australian employers wishing to participate in the trainee exchange. To access it please click here.

Applications can be handed in to the State Secretariat for Migration in Berne, Switzerland (Australian employers send their Statutory Declararation to the Australian Department for Employment).