Selected publications

Biomass Estimation and Methodology

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 36 Pages, 503.6 kB)

An Overview of Technical Aspects of Mini Grids

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 20 Pages, 574.5 kB)

Stages in setting up Mini and Micro Hydel Projects

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Revisiting the Decentralisated Distribution Generated Guidelines

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Handbook for restoring defunct gasifier plants

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 7.8 MB)

Policy Brief on Biomass based DDG Projects

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in Policy and Planning

August 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 20 Pages, 1.2 MB)

Information and Communication Needs

August 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 31 Pages, 968.6 kB)

Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment

August 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 2.4 MB)

Synthesis Report on Climate Resilient Development in Bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh

August 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Sustainable Architecture Summary

July 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 249.4 kB)

CCE Newsletter

July 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 396.8 kB)

National level interface on Climate Change Adaptation

June 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 91.9 kB)

Seminar - Integrated Approach to Energy Efficient Building Design

June 2013

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Biomass for Clean Energy Services (TSBP)

June 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 72.4 kB)

Climate Resilience Through Risk Transfer (RES-RISK)

June 2013

Download:[en] (PDF, 1 Page, 47.4 kB)

Energy Efficiency in Buildings (BEEP) Project

June 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 75.2 kB)

Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (IHCAP)

June 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 94.4 kB)

Scaling up Energy Efficient Technologies in MSMEs (EESE)

June 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 102.1 kB)

GPCC India Programme Factsheet

June 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 103.8 kB)

Strenghtening Capacities to Adapt to CC (WOTR)

June 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 403.8 kB)

National Summit - Energy Efficiency in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

July 2012

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 211.3 kB)

India & Switzerland Sign MoU on Building Energy Efficiency

November 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 209.1 kB)

A Human Rights-Based Approach to Water and Sanitation

Briefing Paper

September 2008

This briefing paper aims to help SDC colleagues and partners understand the issue of the right to water and sanitation, the challenges associated with its implementation and how such challenges might be addressed.

Download: [en] (PDF, 38 Pages, 486.2 kB)

Challenging Common Assumptions on Corruption and Democratisation

Key Recommendations and Guiding Principles

September 2008

Why do rule of law and democratisation matter for development cooperation ? How can donors successfully support processes of democratisation? Is the perception of corruption always a good indicator of the effective level of corruption in a given country? How can national authorities and donors better target corruption? Such are some of the key questions to which this brochure attempts to respond. Without minimizing the challenges which may be encountered in this field, and avoiding the proffering of ready-made solutions, it proposes key recommendations and guiding principles for donors and national authorities.

Download: [en] (PDF, 40 Pages, 820.5 kB)

Rule of law, justice sector reforms and development cooperation

SDC concept paper

September 2008

The concept paper has been elaborated to clarify and update SDC’s position on the topic and provide guidance to its staff and partners. Part one identifies the essential elements of the rule of law. Part two deals with the trends and challenges of the integration of the rule of law in legal and judicial reform projects and programmes. Part three illustrates the rule of law dimension in the legal and judicial programmes and in other areas of development cooperation through examples from SDC’s experience.

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[fr] (PDF, 28 Pages, 400.6 kB, French)
[es] (PDF, 1 Page, 418.7 kB)

3 concrete Storys of ownership and local leadership of SDC in Bolivia, Benin and Nepal

August 2008

At the end of 2007, SDC collected 46 stories on ownership and harmonisation  from its  Cooperation  Offices around   the  world. The aim was to capitalise and  bundle SDC’s  real-life experiences with the implementation of the Paris Declaration.   Here we bring you three of these stories. It  is  about people who come together to become more effective in what they do; it is a story of ownership and local leadership.

Download: [en] (PDF, 30 Pages, 836.7 kB, English)

Context-sensitive engagement:

Lessons Learned from Swiss experiences in South Asia for aid effectiveness in fragile scenarios

August 2008

prepared for 3rd High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, Accra, September 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 18 Pages, 852.9 kB)

Report on the Effectiveness of Swiss Development cooperation in the water sector

July 2008

This Report on the Effectiveness of Swiss development cooperation in the field of access to drinking water is directed at the general public and renders an account of successes achieved through implemented measures, but also on problems encountered and existing challenges. External specialists carried out indepth analysis of twenty-three bilateral and multilateral measures. Project beneficiaries also took part in this assessment. Thanks to programmes that Switzerland has implemented over the past five years, the number of people with improved access to drinking water and sanitation has increased by around 370,000 each year. Access to irrigation has also increased by about 30,000 people each year.

Download: [de] (PDF, 28 Pages, 674.8 kB, German) [en] (PDF, 24 Pages, 799.0 kB, English) [fr] (PDF, 22 Pages, 674.9 kB, French) [it] (PDF, 674.6 kB, Italian)

Switzerland's international cooperation: annual report 2007

July 2008

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Two stops in today's new global geographies: shaping novel labor supplies and employment regimes.

Saskia Sassen

July 2008

Across the centuries, the international division of labor has included a variety of translocal circuits for the mobility of labor and capital.Many of these older circuits continue to exist today. But there are often new dynamics that feed them. And there are new types of circuits as well. One outcome is the emergence of novel global geographies, which cut across the old North-South divide. They are constituted through a variety of familiar processes: the increasingly globalized operations of firms and markets, through the multiplication of firms’ affiliates and partnerships, through labor migrations and people trafficking networks.

Download: [de] (DOC, 3 Pages, 444.4 kB) [en] (DOC, 444.4 kB)

Development aid and subsidies - an art

Conceptual foundations

July 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 12 Pages, 1.7 MB)

Capitalisation of Experiences from Swiss Transition Assistance to the Romanian Health Sector


March 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 11 Pages, 340.1 kB)

Livestock and Poultry Sector in Chhattisgarh

Present Status and Approach for Future Development

January 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 6.3 MB)

CGAP Microfinance Consensus Guidelines

January 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 28 Pages, 686.9 kB) [fr] (PDF, 7 Pages, 1.3 MB) [es]

Mobilising savings

January 2008

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Towards Accelerated Growth in Dairying

An Action Research to Improve the Traditional Milk Sector

December 2007

Download: [en] (PDF, 60 Pages, 1.7 MB)

Towards Accelerated Growth in Dairying

An Action Research to Improve Traditional Milk Sector

December 2007

Process Document

Download: [en] (PDF, 52 Pages, 11.5 MB)

Media - A Key Player For Realizing Social Accountability

Orientation Guide

October 2007

Download: [en] (PDF, 761.7 kB) [fr] (PDF, 20 Pages, 755.9 kB) [es] (PDF, 753.3 kB)

An Era of Innovation

30 Years of SDC's Involvement with Rural Finance in India

October 2007

Download: [en] (PDF, 8 Pages, 443.4 kB)

Policy for Financial Sector Development

Update 2007

October 2007

The Update 2007 of SDC's Financial Sector Policy retains the main orientations of the 1998 policy. Updates focus on the changing international environment, best practices and operational principles for donor interventions. A small list of selected readings and links is also included.

Download: [en] (PDF, 51 Pages, 5.3 MB) [fr] (PDF, 28 Pages, 5.2 MB) [es] (PDF, 170 Pages, 1.5 MB)

Youth Policy

September 2007

Support from young people is essential if the Millennium Development Goals, agreed by the members of the United Nations, are to be achieved by 2015. The SDC's Youth Policy explains why the organisation is placing greater emphasis on youth involvement in its programmes and what it seeks to accomplish. The Policy also outlines how SDC gives greater importance to young people in all of its activities and provides increased support to young people at the operational level. This Youth policy is intended for SDC staff and partner organisations.

Download: [de] (PDF, 6.4 MB) [en] (PDF, 24 Pages, 5.9 MB) [fr] (PDF, 36 Pages, 1.2 MB) [es] (PDF, 27 Pages, 1.2 MB)

Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P): A common framework for learning and managing change

September 2007

Download: [en] (PDF, 139.3 kB)

Gender and skills development

September 2007

Download: [en] (PDF, 21 Pages, 269.0 kB, English)

SDC In India since 1963 - Brochure

Half a Century of Commitment to Sustainable Development

August 2007

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 867.0 kB)

Story Guide: Building bridges using narrative techniques

Story-telling aid

May 2007

Stories are an easy way of addressing the emotions and analytical understanding at the same time, thus promoting awareness. The Guide is designed to create story-telling skills and confidence. First, it contains instruments and model approaches for recalling and conjuring up mental images of experiences. Second, it suggests ways of structuring stories to make them interesting and intelligible. And third, it provides ideas about development cooperation contexts in which stories can be an effective communication tool.

Download: [de] (PDF, 1.2 MB, German) [en] (PDF, 48 Pages, 1.8 MB, English)

[fr] (PDF, 853.6 kB) [es] (PDF, 846.8 kB)


Teri - SDC Collaboration

January 2007

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Towards Cleaner Technologies

A Process Story in Small Scale Foundaries

October 2006

Download: [en] (PDF, 3.9 MB)

Fighting Corruption

SDC Strategy 2006

June 2006

Corruption, as a worldwide phenomenon and a development problem, has been on the international agenda for more than a decade. In 1998, SDC issued guidelines stemming from the concern that corruption should be taken into account in its own activities and processes so as to ensure that Swiss funds not be diverted through corrupt channels. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to contribute to preventing corruption as a major obstacle towards development.

Download: [de] (PDF, 24 Pages, 1.1 MB, German)

[en] (PDF, 1.1 MB, English)
[fr] (PDF, 1 Page, 1.1 MB, French)
[es] (PDF, 2 Pages, 1.1 MB)

Coping with drought

May 2006

Download: [en] [fr] (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Gender, Conflict Transformation & the psychosocial Approach


May 2006

Download: [de] (PDF, 1.6 MB) [en] [fr] (PDF, 170 Pages, 4.2 MB) [es] (PDF, 24 Pages, 3.9 MB) [ru] (PDF, 1 Page, 4.0 MB)

SDC Human Rights Policy

Towards a Life in Dignity: Realising Rights for People

October 2005

Download: [de] (PDF, 148.6 kB, German)

[en] (PDF, 21 Pages, 157.4 kB, English)
[fr] (PDF, 20 Pages, 148.0 kB, French)
[it] (PDF, 159.5 kB, Italian)
[es] (PDF, 145.4 kB)

Humanitarian aid of the Swiss Confederation: Conceptual framework for multilateral commitment

September 2005

Download: [en] (PDF, 28 Pages, 1.3 MB)

Role and significance of Religion and Spirituality in Development Cooperation

A reflection and working paper

July 2005

Download: [de] (PDF, 1.1 MB) [en] (PDF, 329.6 kB) [fr] (PDF, 639.1 kB) [es] (PDF, 2 Pages, 303.3 kB)

Media and Governance

A Guide

January 2004

Media contribution to governance and democracy

Download: [de] (PDF, 838.9 kB) [en] (PDF, 835.4 kB) [fr] (PDF, 398.7 kB) [es] (PDF, 24 Pages, 837.7 kB)

Partnerships for the future

March 2003

Partnership-based cooperation with countries of the South and East is a pre-requisite for sustainable development. It is an investment in the future. The brochure "SDC - Partnerships for the future" describes the activities and principles of the SDC and explains why Switzerland's commitment is more important than ever.

Download: [de] (PDF, 548.5 kB) [en] (PDF, 554.2 kB) [fr] (PDF, 24 Pages, 558.5 kB) [it] (PDF, 556.2 kB) [es] (PDF, 558.5 kB)

Gender Equality - A key for poverty alleviation and sustainable development

SDC's Gender Policy

January 2003

Strategy, priorities and SDC's role in the gender issue

Download: [de] (PDF, 280.0 kB) [en] (PDF, 116 Pages, 530.0 kB) [fr] (PDF, 276.9 kB) [it] (PDF, 277.7 kB) [es]

External Evaluation - are we doing the right things? Are we doing things right?

Part 2: The Five Stages of External Evaluation

June 2000

Download: [de] () [en] () [fr] () [es] (PDF, 63 Pages, 401.2 kB)

Other publications

Job description - Programme Associate

Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme

May 2014

Download: [en] (PDF, 48 Pages, 39.9 kB)  

Head of Finance, Climate Change and Development

April 2014

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 43.7 kB)  

Senior Programme Officer, Global Programme Climate Change (GPCC)

Two positions

January 2014

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 44.8 kB)  

Regional Consultation Sep 2013

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 18 Pages, 124.9 kB)  

SMDS-III Sep 2013

September 2013

Download: [en] (PDF, 20 Pages, 78.7 kB)  

List of Programmes and Projects 2011

January 2012

Download: [en] (PDF, 3 Pages, 29.0 kB)  

LoGIn Flyer - Select Highlights

December 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 479.9 kB)  

India & Switzerland Sign MoU on Local Governance

December 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 522.7 kB)  

List of Programmes and Projects 2011

November 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 3 Pages, 29.0 kB)  

Green Building Congress 2011

September 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 6 Pages, 1.4 MB)  

Review Consultation on Micro Hydro Policy Paper for Sikkim

September 2011

Download:[en] (PDF, 1 Page, 53.2 kB)  

LoGIN Flyer

August 2011

Download:[en] (PDF, 133.8 kB)  

Stakeholder Workshop on Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme

on 30th August 2011 at India International Centre, New Delhi

August 2011

Download: [en] (DOCX, 12.4 kB)  

Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme

on 30th August 2011 at India International Centre

August 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 8.3 kB)  

Workshop on sharing Experiences of Climate Change Action in Semi Arid Regions of India

on 9th September 2011 at Hotel Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

August 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 8.5 kB)  

Factsheet - Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (IH-CAP)

August 2011

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 381.8 kB)  

Flyer: Research Programme on Local Governance & Social Inclusion 2010-11

September 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 39 Pages, 139.8 kB)  

Fellows 2010-11: Research Programme on Local Governance & Social Inclusion

September 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 75.9 kB)  

SDC Event Plan at GBC

September 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 170.2 kB)  

GBC Brochure

September 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 6 Pages, 3.9 MB)  

Asia Brief 02/2010

Promoting energy efficient technologies in small scale

September 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 887.3 kB)  

Panel Discussion on Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change

Towards Enriching National Missions on Climate Change – Key Lessons and experiences from Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan

June 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 24 Pages, 155.5 kB)  

Climate Change Case Study on Community Based Institutions

June 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 24 Pages, 742.9 kB)  

Climate Change Introduction to V&A Case Studies

June 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 3.7 MB)  

Climate Change Case Study on Pasture Land Development

June 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 31 Pages, 1.0 MB)  

Climate Change Case Study on The System of Rice Instensification

June 2010

Download:[en] (PDF, 35 Pages, 1.9 MB)  

Climate Change Case Study on Water Resource Management

June 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 2.2 MB)  

Climate Change Case Study on WFMC

June 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 28 Pages, 1.5 MB)  

Practice - Policy Connect: Access to Rural Electricity Services

WII-SDC Workshop Proceedings

May 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 170 Pages, 758.3 kB)  

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Development and Role of Technology

February 2010

Download: [en] (PDF, 10 Pages, 439.8 kB)  

Proceedings - Good Practices in Strengthening Decentralisation

September 2009

Download:  [en] (PDF, 24 Pages, 673.4 kB)  

Information - Good Practices in strengthening Decentralisation

September 2009

Download: [en] (DOC, 38 Pages, 2.8 MB)  

Information - Good Practices in Strengthening Decentralisation’

September 2009

Download: [en] (DOC, 2.8 MB)  

Project Factsheet - LOGIN

August 2009

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 2.1 MB)  

SDC in India Brochure

Since 1963...

August 2009

Half a century of commitment to sustainable development

Download: [en] (PDF, 1.1 MB)  

Cross Cutting - Knowledge Management and South South Cooperation

August 2009

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 715.6 kB)  

Cross Cutting - Governance and Gender

August 2009

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 1.1 MB)  

SDC in India Brochure Since 1963...

Half a century of commitment to sustainable development

August 2009

Download: [en] (PDF, 24 Pages, 2.3 MB)  

Country Factsheet

August 2009

Download: [en] (PDF, 25 Pages, 1.0 MB)  

Vetenary Education Document – CALPI Series -10

December 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 2.3 MB)  

Knowledge Management Platform - 5

Making policies work for the poor

August 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 356.0 kB)  

Knowledge Management Platform - 4

Livestock and climate change adaptation

April 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 341.9 kB)  

Action Plan to Address Agrarian Distress in India

Report to the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

March 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 1 Page, 308.8 kB)  

Knowledge Management Platform - 3

Pastoralism and Developmental Approaches

February 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 784.3 kB)  

Knowledge Management Platform - 2

Traditional Milk Sector:The Need for a Paradigm Shift

January 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 4 Pages, 1.5 MB)  

Knowledge Management Platform - 1

Differential Impacts of Development Intervention on Multiple Ethnic Groups

January 2008

Download: [en] (PDF, 2 Pages, 2.8 MB)