Swiss films on wheels

Saturday, 22.09.2018 – Saturday, 22.09.2018

Alp-Öhi, the grandfather of the Heidi film adaption is sitting in front of mountain backdrop, holding his arms around Heidi and Peter.
Heidi © Zodiac Pictures Ltd / Claussen + Putz Filmproduktion GMBH / Studiocanal Film GMBH

On occasion of the 70 Years of Swiss Indian Friendship, the best of children’s movies from Switzerland travelled through several states in Western and Southern India between March and May 2018. We now launch the second phase of the tour with a special screening of the film “Heidi” by Alain Gsponer.

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Suitable for age 10 onwards | Entry free; seating on first-come-first-serve basis | Film begins at 11.30 am. Please be seated by 11.15 am.

About the film:  

Heidi directed by Alain Gsponer

Switzerland/Germany | 2015 | fiction | 105 min | December 2015 |original German with English subtitles

Heidi, a five-year-old orphan, is taken to live with her grumpy, outcast grandfather in the Swiss mountains. He briefly resents Heidi's arrival, but the girl's adorable personality soon earns his heart. Heidi’s happiness ends abruptly when her aunt Dete takes her to Frankfurt, where she is to help take care of a sickly child, Klara. Heidi, with faith, hope, and the stubbornness she inherited from her grandfather, knows that someday she will be reunited with him and the beloved people of the mountain's little village. Know more

Location: Oxford Bookstore, N–81, Connaught Place, New Delhi