Re-centering Delhi – Urban design speculations on the river Yamuna

Saturday, 15.11.2014 – Friday, 28.11.2014


The Embassy of Switzerland in India, in collaboration with the School of Architecture, University of Virginia and Vir Mueller Architects present “Re-Centering Delhi – Urban design speculations on the Yamuna river”, an exhibition presenting the ecological, social, political, infrastructural aspects in the form of drawings and maps as well as a series of urban design speculations re-imagining the relationship of New Delhi to the Yamuna River.

Originating from the Lower Himalayas, the Yamuna River, the largest tributary of the Ganges, is a vital resource for the rapidly growing capital city of New Delhi. The Yamuna supplies the city of New Delhi with much of its drinking water, channeled from the river by a network of pipes at the Wazirabad barrage. Within the space of a few kilometers, so much untreated sewage and other toxic effluent are dumped into the Yamuna that the water is rendered “dead,” posing serious health hazards to the citizenry of New Delhi. Teeming with a rapidly increasing population and a fraying network of urban infrastructure, New Delhi has severed all spatial links to the Yamuna.

RE-CENTERING DELHI is an ongoing research and design initiative at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. 

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Location: Embassy of Switzerland, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi