Regional meeting to discuss migration in the Middle East from a development perspective

Press release, 28.03.2017

The Embassy of Switzerland organized a three-day event on “Mixed Migration and Development”. The workshop gathered practitioners from international organizations, international non-governmental organizations, private sector representatives, donors and policy makers from different parts of the world.

Participants in the Mixed Migration workshop

The purpose of the workshop was to contribute to the ongoing debate on migration and development, to enhance knowledge, share experiences, and discuss policy options and programmatic approaches related to migration in the Middle East from a development perspective. The workshop brought together participants from the Middle East, North Africa regions, South and Southeast Asia as well as Switzerland.

With the arrival of Syrian refugees to Jordan, the labor market has been affected in terms of job availability, wage levels, working conditions, access to work for host communities and migrant workers. In Jordan, there is an estimate of 1 million migrant workers, over half of them being undocumented.

Different topics were discussed during the workshop, including labor migration, forced migration, protection and decent work in connection with the main migration corridors from South and Southeast Asia, North Africa as well as the broader Middle East context including Gulf Cooperation Council countries. At the end, recommendations were discussed on the way forward for programs and policy dialogue for stakeholders including governments, international organizations, international non-governmental organizations and the donor community.

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