Job vacancies

The Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan seeks the services of a media company or a team of professionals to:

•           Produce and edit a Story Table Booklet of success stories with colour pictures from Swiss-financed projects in Pakistan to be printed in highly quality catalogue format in 1000 copies.

•           Produce at least 5 short videos (2-3 minute) out of the 15 selected success stories, to be uploaded on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. and to be showcased at the final SDC event in 2019.

For more information, click: Detailed TORs for success stories project

Media companies or individual candidates who fulfil the requirements are invited to submit their technical and financial proposals along with their Curriculum Vitae and three work samples to by the 25th of June 2018. 

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) regulary seeks qualified and motivated employees.

Job vacancies will be published through the state job web portal. You can tailor your search towards your requirements through various search criteria.

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