Official holidays

The Embassy and the Regional Consular Centre will be closed on the following official holidays:
01.01.2018  Monday  New Year's Day 
02.01.2018  Tuesday Day after New Year's Day 
30.03.2018  Friday  Easter Friday 
02.04.2018  Monday  Easter Monday 
09.04.2018 Monday  Orthodox Easter Monday 
01.05.2018 Tuesday Labour Day 
10.05.2018  Thursday  Ascension Day 
21.05.2018  Monday  Whit Monday 
28.05.2018  Monday  Orthodox Whit Monday 
01.08.2018 Wednesday Swiss National Day 
15.08.2018 Wednesday  St. Mary's Day 
30.11.2018 Friday St. Andrew's Day 
24.12.2018  Monday  Christma's Eve 
25.12.2018 Tuesday Chistmas 
26.12.2018  Wednesday  Boxing Day 
31.12.2018  Monday  Old Year's Day