Swiss Ambassador supports breast cancer patient association «Milica»

Local news, 10.03.2021

The Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr. Urs Schmid, on 10th March 2021 participated at the opening of the exhibition of photographs by Nebojsa Babic entitled "Together against cancer” placed in Kalemegdan. 

Exhibition of photographs by Nebojsa Babic "Together against cancer”
Exhibition of photographs by Nebojsa Babic "Together against cancer” ©Embassy of Switzerland

The event was organized by the Association “Milica” and in his opening remarks Ambassador Schmid expressed his admiration and gratitude to the Association and the brave women from various parts of Serbia who have beaten breast cancer and have shared their emotional story. He praised the exhibition as a celebration of life conveying the strong message that even in the darkest moment of our life there is a sign of hope, there is light at the end of every tunnel.

The ambassador stressed the importance of awareness, early detection and effective treatment to cut down mortality rate of cancer. He noted with satisfaction, that new innovative drugs have become more available in Serbia. He mentioned that Switzerland has a highly competitive and innovative economy with a strong presence of important research institutions and renowned pharmaceutical companies whose innovative products contribute to the performance of the Serbian health care system and the wellbeing of its patients. He expressed his gratitude to the contribution of the participating institutes of oncology and the support of all partners, including Swiss company “Novartis”.