In line with the goal, priorities and principles of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy: Serbia 2014 - 2017, Switzerland’s cooperation with Serbia covers three main domains:

On top of these, Serbia is served by Swiss programs extending to several countries in Eastern Europe region in three regional programe areas:

As of 2007, a new action line has been opened in the domain of Migration.

Programs and projects, are designed with a special emphasis put on the cross-cutting themes Gender and Governance.

For a long time, Switzerland’s cooperation with Serbia included (exclusively in the first years) projects and programs in Humanitarian aid. This domain was gradually phased out as conditions improved, until its final closing in 2005.

Climate change

Reduce human induced greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to climate change.

Basic education and vocational training

High-quality formal and informal education systems that provide all populations with broad access to essential knowledge.


Prevention of human trafficking and exploitation, and assistance for refugees and displaced persons in returning home.

State and economic reforms

Strengthening the state in serving citizens, democratisation, fair economic and taxation policies, and respect for human rights .

Advocacy and Good Governance

Strengthening the rule of law, social justice, the division of powers and economic stability.

Gender equality

Equal opportunities for men and women in all development processes, for a balanced society.