Swiss Cooperation Strategy/ Serbia 2014 - 2017
Swiss Cooperation Strategy/ Serbia 2014 - 2017 ©SDC

Switzerland is committed to supporting the country’s challenging reform agenda, leading to marked improvements in the political, economic, social and environmental sphere. This commitment remains particularly important in a time of Serbia’s accession talks to the European Union.

Cooperation with the region and – since 1991 – with the Republic of Serbia is founded on solidarity as well as a mutual interest in peace, stability and economic prosperity. Switzerland considers the Republic of Serbia a key Actor in regional cooperation and in ensuring long-term stability in the Western Balkans.

Switzerland is among the most important bilateral donors in Serbia with an important cooperation program that has created visible results.

Switzerland has provided humanitarian and transition support to the Republic of Serbia since 1991 and in the past two decades Switzerland’s cooperation with Serbia amounted to over CHF 300 million.

Represented by SDC and SECO, it currently provides support to Serbia within the overall framework of the Swiss Federal Council Dispatch to Parliament on International Cooperation 2013–2016 and the Swiss Cooperation Strategy Serbia 2014–2017.