Carl Lutz

Article, 29.01.2016

On 29 January, Ambassador Dominik Furgler attended a Holocaust memorial event at the Jewish Community Centre, London, where he was invited to give a speech on Carl Lutz, a Swiss diplomat credited with saving the lives of 62,000 Hungarian Jews in the Second World War.

Vice-Consul Lutz and his staff issued tens of thousands of ‘protective letters’, established 76 Swiss safe houses throughout Budapest and, with the help of Lutz’s wife Gertrud, liberated prisoners from deportation centres.

Ambassador Furgler said: “From the darkness of the Holocaust, examples of extreme bravery and heroism shine through; and Carl Lutz worked with unwavering perseverance and undertook enormous risks to himself and his family as he went about his mission. It took far too long for his great deed to be recognized, and it is now our duty to ensure that it is never forgotten.”