Do I need an airport transit visa?

Transit Visa: New Rules from 28 June 2024

As of 28 June 2024, UK residents holding a valid UK Biometric Residence Permit no longer require a transit visa in order to transit through a Swiss airport. Until 27 June 2024 a visa is required.

A valid UK visa does not exempt you from visa requirements for transit through Switzerland.

My nationality Obligation to hold a visa (yes/no)
Great Britain (UK)  No 

Other nationalities

For other nationalities, please refer to the list on the webpage of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). 

SEM – Visa Instructions – Annex 1, list 2 – Special Provisions regardless of nationality

If you are obliged to hold an airport transit visa, please apply for it and refer to the information on the webpage:

Where to apply for an airport transit visa?

If you are not obliged to hold an airport transit visa, you are allowed to transit through Switzerland and stay in the airport international transit area without any visa.