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As the official representation of Switzerland, the Embassy covers all matters concerning diplomatic relations between the two countries. It represents Swiss interests in the areas of political, economic, financial and legal affairs, as well as science, education and culture.

The tasks of the embassy

07.09.2021: Information for Swiss nationals and foreign nationals with a valid residence permit in Switzerland who are still in Afghanistan

Switzerland temporarily closed its representation in Kabul on Sunday, 15.8.2021 and withdrew its staff in view of the current developments.

The Swiss Embassy in Islamabad is working to identify possibilities for Swiss nationals and foreign persons with a valid residence permit in Switzerland to show interested and eligible persons valid possibilities to leave the country.

Any relocation from Kabul is to be carried out by own means and on own responsibility. Checkpoints on the roads and identity checks must be expected.

Swiss citizens and persons with a valid residence permit in Switzerland should contact the Swiss Embassy in Islamabad with any questions or if they need help: islamabad@eda.admin.ch

New Rules for Entry to Switzerland

Everyone entering Switzerland must present a completed entry form (rare exceptions may apply, please refer to art. 3 of the COVID-19 Ordinance on International Passenger Transport). It is important to fill out the electronic entry form on a computer or smartphone at the earliest 48 hours before the travel in order to receive a QR code by email. This code needs to be kept at hand for inspection upon arrival in Switzerland. The controlling authority can impose a fine if the entry form is not completed or if the information provided is false.

Graphic on the rules of entry (PDF, 121.5 kB)


For vaccinated third-country nationals, the regular entry requirements will apply again, kindly check the following  links carefully prior to your travel to Switzerland:

Vaccinated persons are persons who have been vaccinated with a vaccine that:

Entry restrictions continue to apply to foreign nationals who are not vaccinated and are without rights of free movement, entering from risk countries or regions and who do not belong to any of the exceptional categories of the Covid 19 Regulation 3.

To see what rules apply to your own particular situation when entering Switzerland, consult the online Travelcheck.

For additional information, please consult the webpage of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

We may not be able to meet the demand for appointments in the first few days and there may be long waiting times.

Thank you for your understanding.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic there are special sanitary rules for people entering Switzerland. Please refer to the information of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Various regulations apply for entering Switzerland. A basic distinction is made between citizens of the European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries and those of other countries. The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) is the responsible authority in Switzerland.

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