Manual: FDFA legitimation cards

Manual: Guidelines regarding the issuance of FDFA legitimation cards

The guidelines set out the conditions of entry into Switzerland for the staff members: 

  • of the permanent missions, 
  • of the intergovernmental organisations and the international institutions,
  • as well as of the quasi-governmental international organisations and the other international bodies.

They also set out the conditions of issuance and withdrawal of FDFA legitimation cards to these persons, as well as to their family members.

The legitimation card issued by the FDFA serves as a residence permit for Switzerland, certifies possible privileges and immunities enjoyed by the holder, and exempts him/her from any visa requirement for the duration of the function. A valid legitimation card together with a passport allows the holder to travel within the Schengen Area for a period of up to three months (with no gainful activity).

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