Education in Switzerland

Studying in Switzerland is always an interesting topic for Greek citizens. Either for educational purposes at a Swiss Higher Education Institution, as well as for language stays, or for parents who want to send their children to Swiss Boarding Schools or Summer Camps. You will find below some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject together with the respective answers:

How does the education system work in Switzerland?
In multilingual and federally structured Switzerland, the 26 cantons have the primary responsibility for education. Compulsory education is largely rooted in the cantons and local municipalities. In post-compulsory education, the cantons and federal authorities each have their own responsibilities. For further information please click here.

Where can I get information about Swiss Boarding Schools and Summer Camps?
The excellent reputation of Swiss schools is based on several factors such as the long history of pedagogic experience as well as the location in a multicultural and multilingual country with a high standard of living, great nature and a politically stable environment. You may add the "Swissness" in the field of education: Open-mindedness on one side and discretion on the other.

For more information about boarding schools, visit the websites of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) and the Swiss Federation of Private Schools.

For more information on summer camps in Switzerland click here.

How can I get information about academic studies in Switzerland?
Swiss universities offer a wide range of courses at all levels (bachelor, master, doctorate, etc.) in different institutions of higher education (universities, universities for applied sciences, universities for teaching) and in different languages (German, French, Italian, English). The websites of the universities provide useful information about the different courses and the criteria for admission (Recognized or Accredited Swiss Higher Education Institutions).

For general information about studies in Switzerland visit

I am interested in doing a medical specialisation program in Switzerland. What is the procedure to follow?
You can contact the Swiss Medical Association in Berne for all relevant information about medical specialization programs. Further details (in German, French and Italian only) can be found here.

Where can I find out, if my professional qualifications are recognised in  Switzerland?

Visit, if you have obtained your professional qualifications abroad, intend to work in Switzerland and would like to know whether a recognition is required. 

I am thinking of moving to Switzerland for work. What are the procedures to have my qualifications recognized in Switzerland?

You can find all information on how to have your qualifications recognized on the website of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

I have studied in Switzerland and would like to connect with other Swiss alumni. How can I do that?
Since 2009 the Swiss Embassy organises a reception at the Ambassador’s residence, usually in spring, in order to cultivate contacts with and amongst Swiss alumni. If you are eligible for the Swiss Embassy’s Alumni Network and would like to participate at this reception, or if you are already a member, but your contact details have changed, please complete the provided form (PDF, 1 Page, 342.7 kB) and send it to the Embassy's email address.