Defence Attaché Section

Mission of the Swiss Defence Attaché Office

The Defence Attaché at the Embassy of Switzerland in Delhi is accredited to India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. He serves under the overall responsibility of the Swiss Ambassador and takes care of bilateral security policy, military and defence relations. In particular, it is his responsibility to explain Switzerland’s interests in his states of accreditation in the security policy, military and defence sector.

This requires the Defence Attaché Office in Delhi:

(1) to establish and maintain a crisis-resistant network with the respective authorities, defence related institutions and the Defence Attaché Communities. This network is the basis for all his other activities and depends on a direct access to the Ministry of Defence, Army, Navy and Air Force. This direct access in turn is vital for bilateral relations as well as early-warning in case of crises and crisis-management.

(2) to manage the relationship between the states of accreditation (India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand) and Switzerland in the security-policy, military and defence sector. In order to cope with modern risks and threats Switzerland depends - like other states - on the cooperation with foreign partners. The continuity of the contacts and relationships built on mutual trust play a decisive role in the management of conflicts, crises and disasters.

(3) to enable and contribute to the implementation of security and military cooperation. These contributions may include specialised information, findings, and experience by the states of accreditation on defence reforms, doctrine, structures, standardisation and other cooperation relevant processes.

(4) to facilitate and enable direct security, military and defence related contacts at senior level. In order to explain Swiss interests abroad direct contacts and the exchange of experience at senior level are essential.

(5) to advise the Head of Mission on security policy, military and defence matters. The Swiss Defence Attaché is as a specialist integrated into the Embassy. In his function he advises the Head of Mission in defence and security matters and contributes to the situational and risk analysis of the Embassy.