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Welcome to the Science, Technology (S&T) and Higher Education Section of the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi, vested with the mandate of nurturing existing Indo-Swiss relations in S&T, as well as fostering new initiatives. We strongly believe in the innovation potential of Indo-Swiss collaborations in S&T, an in the benefits of S&T for the whole society in both countries.

The call for applications for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for the academic year 2020-2021 is currently open, with a deadline of 12 November 2019 for submission of applications. If you are interested, please send an email to and the application package will be sent to you. For more information please visit SBFI 

Through this website and related links to external sources, we hope you will be able to find the specific information you are looking for. The website is structured in the following sections:

Indo-Swiss Bilateral Cooperation in Science and Technology and Funding Opportunities

Here you will find basic information on existing S&T bilateral agreements between India and Switzerland, as well as on the organizational set-up that underpins the bilateral cooperation.
Indo-Swiss Bilateral Cooperation in Science and Technology

Swiss Science, Technology and Higher Education

Do you want to know more on Swiss edge in higher education and Science and Technology? Are you interested in moving to Switzerland for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and research? Here is where you will find the information you are looking for.
Swiss Science, Technology and Higher Education

Swiss Scholarships and other Funding Possibilities

Scholarships are an important mechanism in bilateral exchanges, and they allow young and telentuous students to attend high quality higher education in other countries. This page is addressed to Indian students seeking scholarships for studying and/or undertaking research in Switzerland.
Swiss Scholarships

Indian Science, Technology and Higher Education

In this section you will find an updated list of S&T events taking place in India, as well as links to information on Indian higher education, and science and technology.
Indian Science, Technology and Higher Education

Swiss Higher Education FAQs

Q 1. How is higher education in Switzerland organized?

Higher education in Switzerland is carried out in 10 Universities, 2 Federal Institutes of Technology, and 7 Universities of Applied Sciences (see also Basically, Universities and Federal Institutes of Technology are the only one who can confer doctoral degrees, and their programmes combine teaching and research. Swiss Universities and Federal Institutes of Technology have excellent international reputation, and at least five of them have been ranked among the best 50 universities in the world. Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) are practice oriented, and propose programmes so diverse as engineering, business administration, or arts

Q 2. What are the common entry requirements?

For accessing Swiss universities undergraduate programmes, a valid Swiss maturity certificate or an equivalent foreign upper secondary school-leaving certificate qualifying for university entrance is required. The prerequisite for access to a Master’s programme is a successfully completed Bachelor’s level programme. For foreign degrees outside the Bologna system (degrees awarded in India fall under this cathegory), each of the universities makes its own decisions on equivalence of degrees

Q 3. What is the most popular course?

The most popular courses are in the fields of natural sciences and engineering, as far as Indian students are concerned for e.g. Computer Sciences, Material and Electrical Engineering, IT, Life Sciences, Biotechnology etc. Hotel Management courses, language courses and MBA are also high in demand

Q 4. What are the scholarships available for the interested people?

The Swiss government has set up an international scholarship programme, called “ESKAS”. For more information, please refer to the following link:
ESKAS official website

Q 5. What could be the living expenses per annum in Switzerland?

Living expenses are estimated between CHF 19,000 (InR 760,000) – and 29,000 (InR 1,160,000) – per year (depending on the location of the university and personal demands)

Q 6. What is the normal time taken for student visa approval?

This depends upon the type of visa required. Please visit the website of the Swiss Embassy for more information on visa issues

If you cannot find the specific information you are looking for in this website or by following the different external links provided, please feel free to get in touch with us (contact details on right side of this page). We will be pleased to offer you our assistance.