Second Transport of Swiss Humanitarian Assistance to Sulawesi

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Press releases, 11.10.2018

Yesterday, 10 October, a second, larger cargo airplane landed in Balikpapan (Indonesia) with 30 tons of humanitarian assistance material from Switzerland for Central Sulawesi.

The goods landed this afternoon, 11 October, in Palu. The airplane carried emergency shelter (equipped tents and tarpaulins) for about 4’000 people; 30 multi-purpose tents; additional water purification sets to supply potable water to about 200’000 to 250’000 people in total every day; and well-cleaning sets for long-term decontamination of existing wells. Switzerland is furthermore funding the revised emergency appeal of the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) with CHF 500’000, allocated to the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) to deliver assistance and support to the affected population in Central Sulawesi.

Pro Memoria: Switzerland is contributing humanitarian assistance in the areas of water treatment systems and emergency shelter for the population in Central Sulawesi affected by the earthquakes and a tsunami that occurred on Friday, 28 September 2018, as agreed with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Switzerland had offered its assistance to the Indonesian Government on Saturday, 29 September 2018.

An advance team of five emergency aid experts of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid arrived in Palu on Thursday, 4 October, to liaise with Indonesian authorities, assess what support is most urgently needed, and prepare the ground for humanitarian goods delivered by aircraft.

The Swiss Federal Council’s jet landed on Friday, 5 October, in Palu to deploy water purification equipment as well as shelter material for families, in total 900kg.

Further details can be found in the attached Factsheet.



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