Five Pound Pocket Universe: Japan Tour 2018

Friday, 21.09.2018 – Monday, 01.10.2018


Japan Tour 2018
FIve Pound Pocket Universe ©5PPU

Five Pound Pocket Universe (5PPU) is a Jazzcore project founded in 2016 by Swiss musicians Michel Barengo (composition, drums), Andi Bissig (tenorsax, samples, efects) and Valentin Baumgartner (guitar, prepared guitar, efects).

5PPU's music oscillates between rapidly changing moods of prearranged sequences and improvised sections building up to towering walls of sound. The band has worked together with guest musicians and includes elements from jazz, grindcore, metal, game music and other genres.

info: Five Pound Pocket Universe

Location: several venues in Japan