COVID-19 in Japan: how the crisis triggers digitization

Local news, 27.05.2020

The pandemic situation is speeding up Japan’s digitization. A webinar by Swiss Business Hub Japan explores changing business models and new opportunities for Swiss companies.

Digital transformation in Japan
Digital transformation in Japan ©Swiss Business Hub Japan / Switzerland Global Enterprise

When it comes to digitization, especially in the public and financial sector, Japan is falling behind in embracing digital transformation. The COVID-19 crisis is speeding up the country’s digitization, but how exactly does the crisis change business models and which opportunities arise for Swiss companies?

To answer these questions, the Swiss Business Hub Japan, together with Switzerland Global Enterprise, hosted a webinar on May 14, 2020, on the topic "Digitization triggered by the crisis" in Japan. Expert speaker Maurizio Raffone, CEO of Finetiq Ltd., explained that especially SMEs in Japan have a huge need for digitalization, in order to lessen the big productivity gap between them and large Japanese enterprises. Pandemic-related developments are going to accelerate their digital transformation even further. The market is large and welcomes foreign solutions, but it will be necessary for Swiss companies to localize their products and prepare a long-term market entry strategy.

A recording of the full webinar can be found at the Switzerland Global Enterprise.