Where to apply for a Schengen visa?

My place of residence My visa application should be submitted to
Korea, Republic of (South Korea) Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul

Important information about application form, making an appointment and fees

(please read before applying for a visa)

We strongly recommend that you file an online application for your visa, as it allows you to make an appointment for your subsequent visit.

No fee is levied for the application form and the appointment. The only fee charged by the Embassy is the visa fee (equivalent to EUR 60.00 for an adult). If you are asked to pay other fees, it means that you did not apply at the Embassy directly, but through a private company.

Online visa application and appointment system

Since 3rd of August 2015, all applicants for a Schengen visa (type C, for stays of up to 90 days) can submit a visa application and book their appointment online with the Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul. Please note that you will still need to come to this Embassy in person in order to go through the visa-interview, lodge the printed application form and the supporting documents, pay the visa fee and register your biometric data (photo and fingerprints).

If your finger scans have been collected within the last 59 months, your personal appearance is not necessary (provided the previously scanned prints prove to be of sufficient quality). Please contact the Embassy if you prefer not to appear in person.

To start your online application and to book your appointment, please visit the website Swiss Online Visa Application

Applicants should not book more than one appointment. If you need to postpone or cancel the appointment, please send an email to the Embassy, providing your name and the date of the appointment already booked.

The Embassy strongly advises you to read the requirements relating to the visa type you wish to apply for and prepare the requested application form and all the supporting documents in advance. Please note that only complete applications will be processed. Should the application be incomplete, a new appointment will be needed in order to resubmit the application.

It will still be possible to lodge applications without pre-registering the application or without having an appointment. Customers who have applied online and made an appointment will be served first.