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Psychologists are working at 30 schools as part of the Education for Sustainable Development II” Project

19.10.2021 — Local news Mongolia

The Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation jointly launched training for school psychologists for the first time as part of the Education for Sustainable Development II Project.

Switzerland is convinced, that the skills and abilities to develop as individuals, and to understand and manage emotional well-being are essential to learn for every student, and therefore should be part of general education. That is why school psychologists have developed a training program focused on assisting and cooperating with students, teachers, parents, and guardians. The training material is not only focused on psychological analysis at the theoretical level, but also greatly concentrates on how to formulate and deliver messages and information about the complicated and difficult issues students encounter in real life. 

Switzerland has provided over 850,000 CHF in Medical Supplies

19.10.2021 — Local news Mongolia
In view of the health situation in Mongolia, and in response to the request for assistance made by the Government of Mongolia, Swiss Humanitarian Aid has decided to support Mongolia in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strengthening Representative Bodies in Mongolia Project launched 2nd phase

19.10.2021 — Local news Mongolia
In 2019, Mongolia made significant amendments to its Constitution. The constitutional amendments are a major milestone for reforms to the legal framework for democratic governance and decentralization. Important changes included in the constitutional amendments are: 1. Enhancing the accountability of the parliament (State Great Khural); 2. Administrative and territorial unit reform and transferring powers to sub-national authorities; 3. Enhancing the accountability and economic sustainability of local governing councils.

Message from the Head of Cooperation in Mongolia

18.10.2021 — Local news Mongolia
The river never stops; it goes on, finding its way through hills into valleys and plains. It is quite true about time as well. It waits for none and keeps moving and changing often quickly as did my first year in Mongolia. I am now into the second year of serving you and this beautiful country. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause delays in reaching out to you. The pandemic continues to oversteer me as you and the whole world. It is presenting limitations to space and speed. However, I am proud to present you a second edition of "Onsite Insights" newsletter to you.

Birdwatching tourism contributes to local community development

11.10.2021 — Local news Mongolia
Establishing a network of protected areas that secure biological diversity is one of the fundamental nature conservation strategies of the Government of Mongolia. As of today, there are 124 state protected areas covering 21% of Mongolia’s territory. In addition, there are many key biodiversity areas recognized for their international and regional importance. Creating such a vast network of protected areas is a huge accomplishment, and Mongolia is setting a good example among developing countries of taking important conservation areas under the government’s protection. However, not all protected areas and key biodiversity areas receive the funding necessary to safeguard and manage them adequately. 

Together with People In Need supported almost 2,000 households impacted by COVID19

04.10.2021 — Local news Mongolia
Due to the nationwide lockdown that began in November to prevent the spread of COVID19 the need to support the most vulnerable parts of society in Mongolia rapidly increased. With the aim of offering some relief to households most effected by the pandemic, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the People In Need INGO joined the “Leaving No One Behind” Emergency Relief Project. 

The Bankhar Art Therapy an innovative methodology, most needed in educational sector

04.10.2021 — Local news Mongolia

The Mongolian Association of Arts and Phycologist in support of SDC has successfully implemented the “Bankhar Art Therapy” project to stop peer bullying, prevent, protect and respond to violence at three secondary schools in Ulaanbaatar as a model for the education sector.

A joint school-based health study conducted by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health found that children and young people under the age of 29 had a very high risk of suicide. In Mongolia, 500-600 people commit suicide every year. Twenty-five percent of them were children and young people between the ages of 10 to 25, and peer bullying,  harassment were some of the main reasons for suicide. 

The Green Gold Animal Health Project – after 17 years having the closure event on September 10, 2021

30.09.2021 — Local news Mongolia
In 1999/2000, Switzerland, though the Swiss Agency for Development and CooperationSDC started its support to Mongolia with a humanitarian aid project in response to heavy dzud. In 2004, this humanitarian initiativewas followed up by long-term development cooperation through the Green Gold Animal Health Project, with the aim to contribute improved livelihoods of herder households through sustainable rangeland management, better marketing, and a conducive legal and policy environment.

Air Pollution Knowledge Platform launched

05.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) and Ulaanbaatar City Municipality, in collaboration with UNICEF Mongolia and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launched the knowledge management platform on air pollution, Agaar Neg (

Digital traceability systems certifying distinct qualities of Mongolia’s nomadic livestock products handed over to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry

05.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
Over centuries, nomadic herders of Mongolia have developed numerous experience and knowledge in their endeavor to maintain a harmonious co-existence with fragile and sensitive ecosystem of dry and semi dry rangelands. However, with overgrazing and the deterioration of rangelands, this ecosystem is now in danger. In the end, severe degradation of rangelands can lead to a drastic reduction of income both for herders and for Mongolia, as Agriculture including herding is the second pillar of the national economy. 

Football is my future

04.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
SDC had the chance to meet with a wonderful young man, his name is Battuguldur and he is 21 years old. He started to share with me a wonderful story from being child to become a professional “Football maker”. He lives with his sister and her four children after a long time apart. When his mother was alive, she took him to an orphanage because she could not afford to raise two children. Ten years of his life, he spent in the orphanage. Only then, his mom took him back to care for him. Unfortunately, already a year later, his mother passed away and now he stays with his sister. His sister does construction work, but it is seasonal. 

Increasing the Red Deer population in Western Mongolia’s Khantaishir Mountain

03.05.2021 — Local news Mongolia
This project is about the protection of the wonderful and unique wild red deer population in the Western Mongolia’s Khantaishir Mountain. It is sad to see, that in the recent decades the red deer population dramatically decreased in the wild nature. Therefore, the Government of Mongolia decided to take immediate measures to protect these animals and listed the red deer as a “rare species” since 2001. A national program protection program started.

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