Who else likes carrot juice? Come to Mongolia!

Local news, 24.01.2023

Our Head of Cooperation, Dr. Stefanie Burri, loves carrot juice. Each morning she has freshly squeezed carrot juice for breakfast, and when coming to Mongolia, it was one of the habits she was reluctantly ready to give up as being too luxurious. 

Naval juice F1
Naval juice F1 ©SDC

She was delightfully surprised to learn that juicing carrots are actually available in Mongolia, mainly as a result of the SDC-funded Inclusive and Sustainable Vegetable production (VEGI) Project!

Naval F1 carrots are now available at supermarkets in three main cities in Mongolia up to December each year. People recognise the carrot by its distinctly blunt end compared to ordinary carrots, which are usually pointy at the end. These carrots and juice machines are flying off store shelves as they never have before! Pulp from juicing is perfect for carrot cake, and some say it stores well in a freezer for several months to be used to add colour to mashed potatoes.

VitaFit Group LLC was quick to act when it first spotted these carrots in markets in Autumn 2017. The company set up a carrot juice line in their factory and now contracts farmers for Naval F1 carrots. It was the first-ever contract farming agreement in Mongolia’s vegetable marketing system; however, the success of a pilot contract is subject to how big or sustainable the contracted party’s operations are. This example is now successful with the production of 1,000 tons of carrots for Vitafit. In 2022, two vegetable farming companies in Khushaat, Selenge Province are contracted to produce juicing carrots on 30 hectares. These are made into four products, such as juice and puree, for local markets. Supermarket shelves always have these carrot purees and juices available in different sizes. 

Other food and beverage producers are now following suit, and experimental farming of different varieties of potatoes for french fry production is ongoing. Locally-made frozen french fries will be hitting supermarket shelves in no time! 

For more information please visit VitaFit group.