Switzerland supports the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca towards new steps in improving the life quality of its citizens

Local news, 05.09.2017

10 electric busses produced by SOLARIS Bus & Coach S.A. will replace the old diesel buses in the city of Cluj-Napoca and thus, the comfort and health of the residents will noteworthy increase.

Public transportation by diesel buses in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Public transportation diesel buses in Cluj-Napoca will be replaced with the electric ones. © cluj.stfp.net

The contract with the supplier has been signed by the City Hall on August 9th, the co-financing for the buses’ acquisition being granted through the Swiss Contribution, up to a maximum total of CHF 6’456’938.

The buses will run wholly electrically and will be powered-on by both immovable and movable charging power stations, built-up through the same program. The expected benefits of using this kind of vehicle for the public transportation aim at an improvement of the air quality in the city due to zero level of pollutants, less costs due to the difference in price compared with other conventional energies and last but not least it anticipates the upgrade of the travellers’ comfort, due to the decreased noise and smooth running of these buses. This project targets to an annual saving of CHF 16’525 through a decrease of 517.2 t of carbon dioxide (CO2).