Ambassador Maya Tissafi in Abu Dhabi
Ambassador Maya Tissafi in Abu Dhabi. © FDFA

Dear Citizens of the United Arab Emirates, dear Compatriots,

I would like to personally welcome you on our website on behalf of the Swiss Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General in Dubai.

Having arrived with my family during Ramadan, our first impression was the great hospitality and kindness of the Emirati population. On the day we arrived, the Swiss Embassy in the UAE was awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the excellent cooperation between our two countries. Another evidence of this outstanding partnership is the Free Trade Agreement between the EFTA and GCC countries that entered into force in July 2014 and is currently being implemented.

The good relationship between Switzerland and the UAE is the result of many years of fruitful cooperation that started even before the UAE was formed and that has intensified over the last years. Switzerland and the UAE, which both share a federal government structure, have extensive relations and the Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General in Dubai play their part in promoting political, economic and cultural ties. The Embassy closely cooperates with the UAE Government and related authorities in areas such as politics, economy, education, energy, environment, technology, health, security, science, culture as well as humanitarian aid and development.

Our Embassy team in Abu Dhabi works hard to meet the Swiss Government’s goals and offers services to the increasing number of Swiss citizens in the UAE as well as to Emiratis and expatriates living in the UAE who wish to travel to and/or do business with Switzerland. I am particularly grateful to be part of this highly motivated team, and I feel very fortunate to spend the next couple of years in this fascinating country.

This website informs you on the Embassy’s services and activities as well as visa requirements for Switzerland. It provides you with useful travel advice and offers practical ways to find out more about Switzerland and its presence in the United Arab Emirates.

If there is any information that you think should be added to or improved on this website, we look forward to hearing from you. In any case, please feel free to contact us or pass by at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the General Consulate in Dubai.


Maya Tissafi
Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates