Policy Brief Three: Integrating Spatial Land-Use Planning, Climate Change, Urban Resilience, SMART and Green Cities into Urban Development in Vietnam

This policy brief is the summary of GIZ’s Flood Proofing Programme (FPP) activities carried out to support the Ministry of Construction improve the legal and policy framework in the sector. FPP is funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Germany. In 2017 and 2018, FPP carried out an extensive assessment and analysis of the legal and policy framework for urban landuse planning, urban resilience and climate change. Based on the analysis, FPP carried out advocacy and provided technical assistance to the Urban Development Agency (UDA) during the drafting of the new law on urban development and management. Experiences and lessons learnt from implementing activities in 16 provinces in Vietnam form the basis of FPP’s advocacy and communication efforts at national level. The main results of this support included direct comments on drafts of the law, participation in drafting committee and review meetings with MoC vice-minister and minister as well as other ministries and the National Assembly, the inclusion of a sub-chapter on urban resilient, Green and Smart cities, and a chapter on spatial urban land-use planning in the new law. This means that urban plans at all levels of government will integrate the new approaches and include effective land-use, spatial planning and climate change. In addition, FPP provided funding and technical assistance for two regional consultation workshops during the drafting of the law.