Swiss Development Cooperation in Vietnam

Swiss Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Vietnam was initiated in 1992 and supported the country successfully in its development for over 25 years. Until recently two Swiss government agencies were active in Vietnam with a bilateral development cooperation program: the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs SECO. Due to Vietnam’s rapid socio-economic development over the past two decades, including its remarkable success in poverty alleviation and the recently achieved middle-income country status, SDC has closed its bilateral poverty reduction and governance programme by the end of 2016.

At the same time SECO continues its engagement in the area of economic development cooperation for the timeframe 2017-2020. Vietnam benefits from a significant number of programmes in this area through indicatively foreseen commitments of CHF 80 million of ODA grants. This represents a solid basis for continuing the longstanding and successful collaboration between the two countries in the coming years.

SECO country strategy  2017-2020 full version (PDF, Number of pages 24, 784.9 kB, English)

SECO country strategy  2017-2020 short version (PDF, Number of pages 16, 3.4 MB, English)

SECO country strategy  2017-2020 short version (PDF, Number of pages 16, 3.4 MB, Vietnamese)

SECO Vietnam program

The overriding objective of Switzerland’s international cooperation is sustainable global development that will reduce poverty and global risks. SECO focuses globally on Economic Development Cooperation aimed at sustainable economic growth in its partner countries. It does so by promoting the integration of the partners into the world economy, by strengthening domestic competitiveness and by optimizing global partnership in cooperation.

In Vietnam, SECO aims to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth to improve the lives of Vietnamese people. SECO is working on this main goal through the following three topical objectives:

        1. Foster effective economic policies and institutions

        2. Create a competitive and resource-efficient private sector

        3. Enable sustainable and climate-resilient urban development

Core fields of work are related to public financial management, financial sector strengthening, access to finance for SME, promotion of environmental and social sustainability standards, resource efficient and clean production, framework conditions for sustainable trade, efficient business enabling environment, integrated urban planning as well as access to reliable public services.

SECO uses a mix of modalities for its development cooperation such as budget support, project support to provide technical and financial assistance, capacity building at individual, organizational and institutional level, as well as infrastructure financing.

Further details on three country specific objectives can be found in the Vietnam Country Strategy 2017-2020 in English (PDF, Number of pages 24, 784.9 kB, English) and Vietnamese (PDF, Number of pages 16, 3.4 MB, Vietnamese) 

SDC Vietnam Program

SDC, who focuses globally on reducing poverty, fostering economic self-reliance and rule of law, and helps to find solutions to environmental problems, particularly in fragile and conflict-affected countries, has closed its bilateral poverty reduction and governance programme in Vietnam by the end of 2016. Vietnam will still benefit from a sizeable number of global and regional SDC programs which address challenges such as climate change, water and food security. More information on these regional approaches can be found under the SDC Mekong Region strategy (PDF, Number of pages 60, 2.1 MB, English) / RIICE Project.


Financial Resources

In the following table, you find Swiss financial contributions on development and cooperation in Vietnam.

Swiss International Cooperation



2017 *

mill. CHF

mill. CHF

mill. CHF

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)




Economic Cooperation and Development








Bilateral development cooperation