Report on Sustainable Urbanization in Viet Nam: Recommendations to Improve the Legal Framework

This report has been prepared as part of GIZ support to the Ministry of Construction (MoC) under the Mekong Urban Flood Proofing and Drainage Programme, which has overall objectives to improve the capacity of national and local authorities on urban resilience through the development of nation-wide standards and policies relevant to urban drainage and reduction of flood risks; and to reduce urban flood risk and improve early warning in three cities in the Mekong Delta. The report has been prepared at a time when there are significant changes happening to the urban planning and management systems in Viet Nam. The introduction of a new Law on Planning in late 2017 has necessitated a fundamental rethink of planning approaches in all sectors. At the same time, in the urban sector new legislation in the form of a Law on Urban Management and Development is being prepared and will be submitted to the National Assembly in 2020 and further initiatives in relation to smart cities, green growth and climate resilience indicate the direction of urban development that is a priority in Viet Nam.