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Dear Visitor

Switzerland and Vietnam established diplomatic relations on October 11th, 1971 and celebrated the 45th anniversary in 2016.

Over the last decades bilateral relations have continuously intensified, focusing on trade and investment, development co-operation and tourism.

  • Trade flows in both directions have been increasing every year. From Vietnam, Switzerland imports machinery, footwear, textiles and garments as well as agricultural and fishery products and exports pharmaceuticals, machinery and optical and medical instruments to Vietnam.

  • As one of the most competitive and internationally highly integrated economies, Switzerland is the fourth largest foreign investor from Europe in Vietnam providing employment for more than 15,000 people. Swiss Companies in Vietnam generate a wide range of products and services: industrial and mechanical machinery; civil engineering, construction and architectural design; food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals; electronic and IT equipment and shipping and trading services, among others. 

  • For more than 25 years Switzerland has been engaged in a broad range of development co-operation programs with Vietnam. From providing development assistance for local governance and citizens participation to agricultural and food security programs to economic co-operation promoting the productivity and competitiveness of SME, enhancing the business environment for the private sector and trade, strengthening the management of public finances and the financial sector to providing solutions for resource- and energy-efficient infrastructure and enterprises.  

  • In addition, scholarships are available each year for a number of qualified Vietnamese students for research-, PhD- and postdoc-studies in Switzerland. 


  • Vietnam has become a desired travel destination for tourists from Switzerland while numerous Vietnamese hospitality professionals attend a hotel management school in Switzerland.   

These examples are proof of the diversified relations between the two countries, which the Swiss Embassy is determined to further develop and promote. 

In addition, Switzerland opened up a Consulate General in HCMC in 2015. It provides consular services to the local Swiss community and to Swiss citizens travelling in Vietnam as well as to Vietnamese citizens wishing to visit Switzerland. Together with the local trade officers from the Embassy in Hanoi and Switzerland’s export promotion agency “Switzerland Global Enterprise”, the Consulate General is assisting Swiss companies to identify suitable business partners and opportunities in Vietnam. 

We hope that you find this website useful. The staff of the Embassy, the Consulate General and the Swiss Cooperation Office in Vietnam stands ready to provide further information and support at your request. 


Best regards

Beatrice Maser

Ambassador of Switzerland to Vietnam