Where to apply for a Schengen visa?

My place of residence My visa application should be submitted to
Kosovo www.swiss-visa.ch

Visa Outsourcing

Submission of Schengen visa applications for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France and the BENELUX countries: 

From 3st of September 2018 on all applicants must submit their visa application personally to the company TLScontact at the following address:

Ahmet Krasniqi,
Object C1-1, No.145, ground floor
Arberia / Dragodan

TLScontact charges a service fee.

Booking of an online appointment for a Schengen visa for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France and the BENELUX countries:

As of 1st of August 2018, appointments must be made online via the website of the company TLScontact (Attention: until 30th of July 2018, appointments must be booked through the Embassy’s webpage. It will not be possible to book appointments on 31st July 2018).

Appointment request

From July 2017, this Embassy has introduced the new system of application of visa and visa  appointment on-line. This  system applies only to Schengen Visas (maximum 90 days stay), when the main destination is Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

At this time, the request of visa appointments is higher than the capacity of the visa section.This leads to a longer waiting period to set an appointment. Our automated online appointment system creates availability of appointments on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

To apply for a Schengen visa, please use the following link: www.swiss-visa.ch
Steps to follow:

  • Choose one of the 5 languages in the top right corner.
  • Under "Select", choose Kosovo, as long as you reside in this country.
  • Then you must choose "Online application" and register (after completing the required
    information, choose "Next" and not “Enter”).
  • After a few minutes you will receive an E-mail with a link, through which you can fill in your application.
  • Follow the instructions and complete all the boxes (those with an asterisk).

Please note:

  • Enter your personal data exactly as in your passport.
  • Indicate your phone number.
  • In the question concerning family members, only answer yes if you have parents, children or grandchildren in the   Schengen area.
  1. At the end of the process, please open the PDF document and print it, date and sign your application. Then press “send” in order for the application to become active.
    Important: if you do not print your application or save it to your computer, the data will be lost.
  2. Once you have concluded the application process, you will receive an E-mail with a link to book your appointment.
  3. Even if you have registered your fingerprints within the last 59 months,  your appearance is necessary and therefore you must book an appointment.
  4. You must choose one of the available appointments on the screen. Click on "the next free appointments" to find the next available appointment.  When you have chosen your appointment please select the button to confirm the appointment (bottom right corner of the screen) 
  5. The appointment confirmation will appear on screen. Please  print your confirmation.
  6. You can only choose one appointment per person. Family and group applications are also possible however each applicant has to have an individual appointment.

The day of the appointment:

  • Bring the appointment confirmation with you.
  • Please read the information sheet carefully and present yourself at the appointment with the complete documentation. Be sure to bring all the documents requested.
  • Please arrive promptly to your appointment, 5-10 minutes before your turn.
  • The visa fee is paid in cash at the window.
  • Important: in case you do not show up on time for your interview or should the application be incomplete, a new   appointment will be needed through www.swiss-visa.ch in order to resubmit the application. 
  • If you cannot keep your appointment please send an E-mail to pri.visa@eda.admin.ch . Unfortunately the system does  not allow you to cancel an appointment already confirmed; so please let us know by E-mail to release the appointment for someone else.

Representation agreement

If a State does not have its proper visa section in a country or region, the delivery of a Schengen visa can be delegated to another Schengen State member with an agreement between both countries concerned.

The agreement allows the appointed representation to represent and handle Schengen visa applications within its own competence without consulting the other represented State.

Schengen State represented by Switzerland  
Austria   www.swiss-visa.ch 
Belgium www.swiss-visa.ch 
France  www.swiss-visa.ch 
Luxembourg www.swiss-visa.ch 
Netherlands www.swiss-visa.ch