Pastoral Ecosystem Management


The two main areas Green Gold is pursuing are the transformation of open access to pastureland into a controlled management system led by Pasture-User Groups and accelerated livestock marketing to reduce the stocking rate. In order to address these issues, Green Gold focuses on the following goal: To enable communities of herders to preserve, protect and nurture enduring pasture ecosystems to underpin sustainable livelihoods. Phase III is aimed at achieving four outcomes. Outcome 1 will continue with research to identify strategies and technologies for restoring pastures and preventing their decline, research education, improve knowledge sharing, and harmonise scientific standards. Outcome 2 will continue to advocate for policy and legislation to protect pastures while working to improve the implementation and coordination capabilities of the government and development partners. Outcome 3 will focus on scaling up the herder collective-action model to limit the open-access issue in pastureland use to more soums. Outcome 4 will seek to improve livestock productivity and marketing by closely cooperating with the Livestock Project and the Marketing Opportunities for Rural Entrepreneurs Project, both of which are supported by SOC. A state agreement between SDC and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry

Улс / бүс нутаг Сэдэв Хугацаа Төсөв
Монгол улс
Хөдөө аж ахуй, хүнсний аюулгүй байдал
Байгаль орчин
Agricultural research
Хөдөө аж ахуйн бүтээгдэхүүний өртгийн сүлжээг дэмжих
Biosphere protection
01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012
шв.франк  6’100’000
Удирдлага / Хариуцах байгууллага ШХА
Кредит Хөгжлийн хамтын ажиллагаа
Төслийн хамтрагч гэрээт хамтрагч
Private sector
Швейцарийн Эрдэм шинжилгээний Хүрээлэн
  • Agroscope
  • Swiss Private Sector

Төсөв Одоо хэрэгжиж буй үе шат Швейцарийн төсөв шв.франк    6’100’000 Өнөөг хүртэл олгосон Швейцарийн санхүүжилт шв.франк    6’025’081
Төслийн үр шатууд Phase 4 01.01.2013 - 31.12.2016   (Completed)

Phase 3 01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012   (Completed)