200 Years Anniversary

A letter from Ambassador Niculin Jäger

Dear New Yorkers, Fellow Swiss and Friends of Switzerland,

As the Consul General of Switzerland in New York, I am delighted to welcome you to a guided tour through the rich history that has been linking Switzerland to this wonderful City of New York over the past 200 years. Together, we will discover fascinating stories of how the Swiss have contributed to making New York what it is today. I trust you will associate Switzerland with sweetening your life with its enticing chocolates or with the delicious varieties of cheeses rounding off your meals and with keeping your busy New York schedule on time with its precision watches. However, Switzerland is so much more and continues to have an impressive impact on New York in a wide variety of areas. Be it the infrastructure facilitating the city’s mobility, the technological and innovative impact on its economic and social development contributing to the prosperity of the city or the outstanding architectural footprint adding to its unique silhouette. I’d like to invite you to discover the surprises gathered for you in this anniversary brochure. It is a privilege to represent Switzerland in this exciting and dynamic city and to enjoy the heartfelt support of the Swiss community in that challenging endeavor. Among the factors that have underpinned the dynamism of Swiss presence is undoubtedly the Swiss community, to whom I would like to express my great appreciation. Without further ado, I’ll let you discover the Swiss impact enriching, improving and simplifying the daily life of New Yorkers according to the slogan "Switzerland: A Small Part of Your Day – A Big Impact on Your Life!" This impact has been continuously carried by two centuries of an official Swiss presence in New York City manifested by this Consulate General. Please enjoy this journey through two centuries of a successful and fascinating Swiss presence in New York – and look forward to many more success stories!

Niculin Jäger Ambassador
Consul General of Switzerland in New York

A word from Edward Mermelstein, Commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs

For the past two centuries, Swiss innovation has helped the Big Apple advance and thrive from the creation and design of the George Washington Bridge to the formation of humanitarian organizations which have provided crucial services to countless New Yorkers in time of need. We look forward to future Swiss innovations and technology that will address common priorities in advancing a more sustainable city