Swiss nationals living abroad

Image of people celebrating the Swiss national holiday abroad
Celebrating the Swiss national holiday in the UK in 2012. © FDFA, Presence Switzerland

At the end of 2015, over 760,000 Swiss nationals were living permanently abroad. This figure represents just under 11% of all Swiss nationals and is comparable to the population of Switzerland's third largest canton, Vaud. In recent years, the number of Swiss citizens living abroad has grown by 2% per year, an increase that is indicative of the high level of mobility of the Swiss people.


Contact the responsible Swiss representation for identity papers, civil status, registration and deregistration, matters of civil status, etc...

Political rights

Information for the Swiss Abroad on the conditions to participate in popular votes at federal level and in elections to the National Council

Alongside various Swiss associations abroad, the OSA promotes relations among Swiss nationals and between the latter and their home country. It represents their interests in Switzerland, publishes the periodical «Swiss Review» and provides a broad range of services (e.g. youth exchange programmes, emergency assistance fund).

Organisation of the Swiss Abroad