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The Welcome Message from Ambassador Martin Dahinden

Ambassador Dahinden and Barak Obama

Watch video of the Ambassador Martin Dahinden.

Mysterious creatures

Myserious Creatures

Extreme magnifications allow us to enter a fantastic world. Swiss scientist and photographer Martin Oeggerli captures below-the-radar life.

Swiss Martin Oeggerli is both a scientist and a photographer. “I love to explore hidden places and mysterious creatures—the ones that get left behind on the list of people´s most adored pets—living orphans. Concealed by [their] size, various forms of life spend their time quietly, just below the radar of the human eye,” he tells National Geographic Magazine, which, along with the BBC, Nature and VOGUE, has published his stunning photographs.

War from the Victim's Perspective by Jean Mohr

Jean Mohr Exhibition

Can civilian victims of armed conflicts be portrayed in a dignified manner? Swiss photographer Jean Mohr´s view through the camera lens takes the onlooker beyond the actual picture right into people´s lives, their past and future. His pictures are remarkable for their great sensitivity and respect for the dignity of individuals. The exhibit War from the Victims´ Perspective featuring Mohr´s photos will be at the Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta until June 28, 2015