Swiss Touch Campaign: Pairing Tradition With Innovation

One Table. Countless Ideas. #SwissTouch © Embassy of Switzerland
One Table. Countless Ideas. #SwissTouch © Embassy of Switzerland

Switzerland is often associated with its chocolate-making and cheese making traditions. But there is far more to our country than its well-known culinary delicacies. As a world-leading country in innovation, Switzerland draws its distinctive character from both innovation and tradition. That is what the Swiss Touch campaign is all about. Led by the Swiss representations in the United States, it aims to showcase Switzerland’s uniqueness through both of those assets. Thanks to a Swiss-made table with digital features, we are bringing together experts and opinion leaders from all over the United States and Switzerland to engage in forward-looking conversations to generate new ideas.

What comes to mind when you think about Switzerland? Chocolate, watches, cheese and mountains are the common answers to that question. Switzerland is well known for its traditions and products, and stands for high quality. However, we are less known as an innovative country even though Switzerland ranks first in global innovation. Combining our strengths, innovation and tradition is what makes our country unique and that is precisely what the Swiss Touch campaign is all about.

January 2017 marked the beginning of the Swiss Touch campaign, which was launched in Switzerland and introduced the public to a table which then crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the United States. But what exactly is the Swiss Touch campaign? Swiss Touch connects Switzerland to the United States, and likewise connects innovation and tradition. It is a campaign implemented throughout the United States, while deeply rooted in Switzerland.

The Swiss Touch campaign is embodied by what appears to be a simple table, but it actually has several fascinating digital features. Consisting of a projector which allows content to be displayed and interacted with as well as a table which supports the content projected, it represents the tradition of high-quality Swiss craftsmanship paired with breathtaking technology. Therefore the table takes on a multidimensional aspect: it is first and foremost an object allowing people to gather and share knowledge about pressing global challenges, while it is also a table which promotes creativity and change through dialogue and forward-looking conversations.

The table was designed and built by a young Swiss company called ABUSIZZ. It was mainly handcrafted out of Swiss ash tree, except for the two drawers which are made of aged wood from the old Hörnlihütte located at the foot of the Matterhorn, one of Switzerland’s most emblematic mountains. Swiss tradition can be admired in every inch of this unprecedented table. Handcrafted and designed by a young Swiss company and made in Switzerland, it is sustainable and 100% Swiss quality.

On the other hand, innovation is represented by the table’s digital features that allow individuals to interact with each other as well as to discover the table’s hidden content. It signifies an open invitation to anyone to sit down and learn about a variety of subjects and engage in meaningful dialogues and share them with the world.

Well crafted and solidly built, the Swiss Touch table was designed with its future travels in mind. In fact, it can be set up and taken apart easily and quickly. Thanks to the Swiss Touch table, Switzerland’s uniqueness has never been as close and accessible as it is now. At only 94 x 43 x 29 inches (L x W x H) and weighing 114.64 lbs, it is always ready to hit the road and share Swiss quality with the United States.