Office of the Amiable Compositeur

In 1995, the Government of the Republic and canton of Geneva appointed a mediator known as "Bureau de l'Amiable Compositeur" (the French expression "transaction à l'amiable" meaning «amicable settlement») and issued regulations to be followed by the "Bureau de l'Amiable Compositeur" with the heading: "Regulations covering the appointment of an Amiable Compositeur to resolve conflicts involving those benefiting from diplomatic privileges and immunities" (in French).

The team of mediators (or «Amiables Compositeurs»), under the chairmanship of Mrs Martine Brunschwig Graf, former National Councillor and former President of the Geneva Council of State, currently includes two members: Mrs Isabel Rochat, former State Counsellor, and Mr. Francis Amar, former Delegate of ICRC. Mrs Martine Brunschwig Graf has been elected on 8 March 2006, Mrs Isabel Rochat and Mr. Francis Amar on 1 October 2014, by the Geneva Council of State.

Whenever confronted to a conflict (potential or real), any member of the international community – employer or employee – may address the "Amiable Compositeur" (by calling the Chairman or any of the three members directly). The mediators shall then endeavour to negotiate an out-of-court settlement, acceptable to both parties and in compliance with Government's regulations. By asking the mediators to try to settle the conflict amicably (the procedure is free of charge), the parties do not lose their right to file their respective case with the competent jurisdiction. If the "Amiable Compositeur's" mediation fails, the parties may consequently always address the competent courts.


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