Cantonal Sustainable Development Network (CSDN)

Die Implementierung der Agenda 2030 ist eine grosse Chance zur Förderung der nachhaltigen Entwicklung in der Schweiz allgemein und auf allen staatlichen Ebenen. Damit die Implementierung gelingt, muss die Zusammenarbeit sowohl zwischen den Kantonen (horizontal) als auch zwischen den Kantonen und dem Bund (vertikal) verstärkt und besser institutionalisiert werden. In diesem Zusammenhang haben die kantonalen Nachhaltigkeitsfachstellen mit Unterstützung des ARE im Juni 2018 das "Netzwerk der kantonalen Nachhaltigkeitsfachstellen Nachhaltigkeit NKNF" gegründet.

Main objectives of the network

  • promote sustainable development in line with the 2030 Agenda
  • strengthen intercantonal cooperation throughout Switzerland
  • promote knowledge sharing
  • oversee and support reporting on sustainable development at federal level
  • active joint representation of cantonal interests vis-à-vis the federal government (at technical/specialist level)
  • provide technical support for the Conference of Cantonal Governments (CCG) and other intercantonal bodies (Conferences of the Directors of Public Works, Planning and Environmental Protection, Cantonal Energy Directors and Cantonal Directors of Education etc.).


All employees of the cantonal sustainable development units are invited to participate in the CSDN. They meet annually for a plenary meeting, which is prepared by the steering committee. Working groups focus on specific topics (projects).

More information about the network:

Current working groups

Sustainability assessment

The sustainability assessment working group is responsible for the review and further development of instruments to assess sustainability. A baseline study was carried out to take stock of how instruments for sustainability assessment (SA) were used and to identify potential for further development.

Contact: Tobias Andres, Office for Environmental Coordination and Energy, Canton of Bern,

Promoting sustainable development in Swiss communes

In 2019, the working group evaluated potential sustainability assessment instruments for communes and cantons. At the Sustainable Development Forum, a workshop led by the CSDN then discussed the outlines of an instrument to promote sustainable development in communes.

In 2020, the sustainability assessment working group and the Federal Office for Spatial Development will produce a handbook for cantons and communes. This document will explain the current political, social and legal framework for the 2030 Agenda, clarify the roles of the various levels of government and list practical tools.

Contact: Corinne Schmidlin, Sustainable Development Unit, Canton of Aargau,; Mirjam Walker-Wedekind, Section Sustainable Development ARE (