Switzerland is a hub for excellent education, science, technology and innovation. It has outstanding universities with numerous programs, many world-class public research institutions, and a thriving private sector which encourages research and development and conducts its own cutting-edge research.

Switzerland has twelve universities, eight universities of applied sciences, and fifteen universities of teacher education. Moreover, Switzerland is home to several outstanding special institutes in the areas of international affairs, public administration, finance, and hotel management. Undergraduate study in Switzerland is usually in the national language of the respective area (German, French, Italian), while many graduate programs are offered in English.

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Scholarships and Student Mobility

Switzerland and Canada both benefit from well-established student exchanges. Like their Canadian counterparts, Swiss universities offer first-rate educational opportunities in diverse fields of study as well as a wide range of English-language study programs on the graduate level and in cutting-edge research. 

Swiss University Scholarships

Various Swiss universities offer their own scholarships to international students. Please contact the university of your interest directly. You can start your search on the following websites:

Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Switzerland

Detailed information can be found on the French page.