Development and humanitarian aid – a spirit of active cooperation

Doctor examines a sick child
Doctor examines a sick child © FDFA, Presence Switzerland

Switzerland and the EU are committed to the eradication of poverty in the world and the promotion of stability and prosperity in Europe and well beyond its borders. This means they can work together to improve the reach and effectiveness of their policies and activities in the areas of development and humanitarian aid.

Switzerland’s cooperation with the EU takes the form of regular exchanges at an operational level. Specifically, this includes joint implementation of projects and programmes in the field and at the political level, for example in multilateral conferences. In North Africa, the EU and Switzerland work closely together on migration.

Switzerland and the EU in extensive dialogue

Regular encounters in the form of “dialogues“ have taken place since 2012 between the services in charge of these dossiers within the Swiss federal administration and the EU. The dialogues provide a forum to share experiences and identify opportunities for working together. The discussions cover substantive themes such as the promotion of democracy at local level, the implementation of the 2030 development agenda, the role of the private sector and the link between migration and development.

In figures

In 2015 Switzerland’s official development assistance (ODA) amounted to CHF 3,404 million, or 0.52% of gross domestic product (GDP). The ratio ODA/GDP has increased between 2014 and 2015 from 0.50 % to 0.52%.

In 2015 the EU’s ODA (the total ODA of the EU member states and EU institutions combined) was EUR 68'000million (EUR 58'200 million in 2014) or 0.47% of GDP, a marginal increase of 0.43% in 2014.

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