School visits and material about Switzerland

School visits to the Embassy of Switzerland

Are you interested in visiting the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. with your school class? The Public Diplomacy Section can schedule student briefings that give an overall picture of Switzerland’s political system, economy, and culture.

Please note that the following conditions have to be fulfilled:

  • Requests have to be sent to the Embassy at least 2 months before the visit.

  • Your group has to consist of at least 50 students. If your group is smaller, you may combine it with another school’s group.

  • The Embassy usually receives high school students at the age between 14 and 18.

  • Students should have a basic interest in Switzerland and bring along some questions that they would like answered.

For planning the visit, send an e-mail inquiry with information about your school class to The visit dates primarily depend on the availability of the Embassy. Moreover, a name list of all attending students and teachers will have to be submitted before the visit.

Educational material about Switzerland

Are you holding a presentation about Switzerland or are you looking for more information about Swiss society, history, politics, economy, science, education, or environment? Please visit the official online platform for educational resources in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

In addition, the Embassy of Switzerland offers free educational material. If you are interested in ordering these materials, please contact one of the following representations of Switzerland closest to you geographically: