Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

The Embassy reaches out to a wide range of audiences far beyond governmental decision-makers. These audiences include individuals and representatives of public and private institutions in fields such as academia, advocacy, the arts, business, culture, development, education, human rights, international cooperation, the media, or science. A sustained dialogue with a broad array of stakeholders on topics of common interest and concern is an essential part of Swiss diplomacy worldwide.

Through the organization of and participation in public events on a variety of themes, the Embassy contributes to a better understanding of Switzerland’s less known but nonetheless remarkable and often unique characteristics, including the country’s political institutions with unparalleled citizens’ participation its unsurpassed economic competitiveness, but also its great cultural diversity and remarkable artistic, scientific and technological achievements. More importantly, it provides opportunities for Swiss and U.S. audiences to learn from each other’s experiences and explore new possibilities of cooperation between both countries.

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Tel:  +1 (202) 745-7929        


David Best, Public Diplomacy & Cultural Affairs Counselor
Isabel Bauer Metcalf, Project Coordinator
Valentina Imelli, Project Coordinator
Susanne Madigan, Project Coordinator
Audrey Lötscher, Academic Associate