Swiss visa desk in New York

Schengen visa application for stays up to 90 days

Personal Appearance

If your finger scans have not yet been collected, a personal appearance is mandatory when applying for a Schengen visa. You will need to schedule an appointment at

If your fingerprints were collected within the last 59 months for a Schengen visa, you will be able to apply by mail. Please mail your complete Schengen visa application to our consulate and provide a copy of your Schengen visa sticker issued within the last 59 months in addition to all other required documents, see here.

In case the previously collected fingerprints prove to be of insufficient quality, you will have to appear in person to give your fingerprints.

Personal appearance and fingerprint scan is not necessary for children under the age of 12.

The Swiss representation reserves the right to ask the applicant to appear for a personal interview after reviewing the application.

Appointment system

Residents living within our consular district who are applying for their first Schengen visa or have not given fingerprints in the last 59 months will need to apply in person with an appointment.

The appointment must be booked through It can be booked either right after submitting the online application or separately from the online application by itself. Making an appointment is free of charge.

The visa desk does not allow walk-ins. Each individual applicant requires an appointment. This also applies to each member of a group application. No appointments can be scheduled by e-mail, at the counter or by phone.

We kindly ask you to schedule only one appointment per person. Please do not schedule several appointments for yourself. This leads to long waiting times for all visa applicants. We will only reschedule an existing appointment for emergency purposes.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please send an email to with the Subject: Visa Appointment Cancellation.

The waiting time for an appointment may be up to 5 months, especially during the high season in summer or during the holiday season. Applicants are therefore advised to book their appointments as early as possible.

Please note that only complete applications will be processed. Should the application be incomplete, a new appointment will be needed in order to resubmit the application.

For residents of Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin please check Representation Agreement

Online visa application form

All applicants for a Schengen visa (type C, stays up to 90 days) should submit an online visa application form. Please go to to submit your application. At the end of the process you have to print and submit the application.

Should you be unable to complete the online visa application you can also fill out the following application form.

Please note that you will be required to bring your complete application form with supporting documents to the visa desk at the time of your appointment.


Important notice: In order to apply for a visa, your passport must have been issued within the last ten years and must have at least two empty pages. A passport older than ten years that has been extended for a period exceeding ten years from the time of issuance cannot be accepted. Make sure your passport is signed.

Long stay visas (stays more than 90 days, Type D visa application)

There are different types of long stay visas, e.g. family reunification, student, work, international organizations, general residence. Some long stay visas are preapproved by the Swiss authorities and can be collected using a simple process at our consulate. Other long stay visa applications will need to be initiated at the Swiss Consulate in New York. For more information, please see here: visa information

Type D visas should be filed and collected via mail. (No walk-ins, no appointments).

Feel free to contact us via email at with questions in regards to long stay visas. 

International Organizations (UN, WHO, IMO, CERN etc.)

Any internship or employment (less than 90 days as well as more than 90 days) at an international organization in Geneva requires a visa. Please contact us via email for more detailed information on how to obtain the visa (


Passports with issued visas will be mailed back. At the time of your application please provide a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. Please use a secure carrier (Fedex and UPS preferred) with a tracking number. Applicants must indicate their name and address both as sender and recipient.

Important: The Swiss representation does not assume any liability for the loss of documents submitted or returned by mail.