Switzerland seduces Brazil with the football card

Bern, Press releases, 14.07.2014

The day after the closing of the 2014 World Cup Brazil, Presence Switzerland (PRS) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), reports very positive results of its presence in Rio de Janeiro. The House of Switzerland, a concept for staging creative and festive events, drew a large number of visitors and enjoyed a high degree of visibility thanks to its very favourable location.

During the final between Germany and Argentina on Sunday thousands of visitors came to the Swiss venue in Rio to bid a final farewell to the great football tournament and Switzerland.

Thanks to the location of its fan zone between the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches of the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, the House of Switzerland enjoyed optimal visibility and became one of the festive landmarks of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Parallel to the public broadcasts of the matches, the House of Switzerland presented both the traditional and creative sides of Switzerland. Skis, bells, St. Bernard dogs, a cable car, sledges and a giant snowball, as well as concerts with Swiss musicians and a restaurant run by a Swiss chef, seduced large numbers of Brazilians eager to discover more about a country that is little known in Brazil.

Interest in the House of Switzerland was also sparked by what was on offer inside it: A presentation of Switzerland's scientific, cultural, and socio-economic wealth and various quotes illustrating the ties between Brazil and Switzerland that decorated the walls and benches of the house were photographed thousands of times.

The House of Switzerland also launched the 2014-16 Switzerland's communications campaign in Brazil, which will end when the doors of the House of Switzerland are opened for the Rio Olympic Games in summer 2016. Furthermore, in 2015 Presence Switzerland will also take advantage of the carnival in Rio to showcase Switzerland during Brazil's most media-covered event of the year.

"This is the first time we have played the football card to position Switzerland. Given House of Switzerland's public and media success, I think we have scored some great public relations goals here in Brazil," says Nicolas Bideau, head of Presence Switzerland. "The Swiss national team's success and the creative stage management of a fun-loving Switzerland close to its roots were the keys to our success. We hope to be able to continue in this direction in particular during the 2015 carnival and during the 2016 Olympic Games," he added.

Facts and figures:

- Number of visitors to the House of Switzerland: more than 240,000

- Number of visitors who took part in one of the activities organised by the House of Switzerland: approx. 33,000 (70% Brazilians, 10% Swiss, 20% others)

- Number of Swiss specialities served at the restaurant: 18,000

- The three most enjoyed dishes:
Mixed sausage plate

- Number of articles published in Brazil mentioning the House of Switzerland: 150 (including prime-time slots on the main TV channels, such as Band, Globo and Fox Sport, and in the principal high-circulation newspapers, such as the “Folha de São Paolo”, the highest-circulation Portuguese-language newspaper).

- Number of people who visited the House of Switzerland internet platforms: 14 millions

Result of the survey:
- 66% of people say that their visit to the Baixo Suiça changed their perception of Switzerland in a positive way
- 89% of people expressed an interest in returning in 2016


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